Aegis Robotics


About Us

     Aegis Robotics (previously Wildcat Robotics & Centreville Robotics) was founded in 2014. That same year, we went to the Greater DC Regional and won the Highest Rookie Seed Award. This paved the way for many more years of competitions, four FTC teams, and an FLL team. We have spread FIRST’s messages throughout the community by hosting an assortment of fundraisers and other outreach events. This has given us the opportunity to  promote STEM education to the rest of our school and community. Our numerous sub teams and members have greatly increased since the first competition that we attended. This allows us to branch out to schools such as Centreville Elementary and Liberty Middle School. 


Competition History


  • 2014

    • Greater DC Regional

      • Highest rookie seed

  • 2015

    • Greater DC Regional

      • Regional Finalist

      • Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratory

    • South Florida Regional

  • 2016

    • CHS District - Northern Virginia Event

      • Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratory

    • CHS District - Northern Maryland Event

      • Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

    • FIRST Championship

    • South Florida Regional

  • 2017

    • CHS District - Greater DC Event

      • Team Spirit Award sponsored by FCA Foundation

      • Star of the Day

    • CHS District - Central Maryland Event

      • District Engineering Inspiration Award

      • Star of the Day

    • South Florida Regional

      • Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratory

      • Hardhat Award

      • Star of the Day Award (twice consecutively)

Sub Teams


     Our design team, leader Shivan Prasad and task leaders Nikita Manjuluri and Taylor Tamburri, work with software like CAD and VCarve to lay out and model parts and mechanisms we will later use on our robot. Although a small group, they are a crucial part to the make up of our robot and how it performs. 


     Our electrical team, leader Brandon Lee, create the robot's electrical system, connecting the various batteries, motors, servos, etc. They are a key component in making the robot act on the various tasks it's assigned as well as basic movement. 


     Our finance team, leader Jessica Aujla, works with gaining sponsors, tracking our spending, and planning fundraisers. This team works with its various members to keep our team running and able to acquire everything that is needed.


    Our marketing team, leader Chase Zimmermann, works on advertising for upcoming fundraisers, designs numerous t-shirts, buttons, posters, banners, and wristbands. They allow the school and community to be well informed of what we do as a team.


      Our mechanical team, CTO Nikki Chheng who manages both mechanical and programming works with leader Dylan Fraley, and assistant leaders Collin Nelson, Aditya Saxena, and Arsani Yassa, collaborate with all teams in robotics to create a cohesive and efficient robot. They work with countless members everyday to fix errors, improve, and develop new mechanisms. 


     Our outreach team, leader Jake Fraley, works with the community and feeding schools to spread STEM and our program. Outreach has been extremely successful, starting an FLL team, an upcoming summer camp, and STEM appreciation days. Their work has gotten countless members of our community to become more informed and involved.


     Our programming team, leader Evan Ward and assistant leads Thai Nguyen, Parth Raut, and Elinora Stoney, write code to help our robot operate and collaborates with our mechanical team to program each robot in a way unique to its design. They have had the largest growth of any subteam in our teams history. Their work is what ensure movement and efficiency. 


   Our safety team, leader Elena Zabalgogeazcoa and assistant leads Neil Dolan, Eunice Hong, and Isabella Sursi, promotes safety within our team as well as other teams. With extensive training, workshops, booklets, handouts, and educational videos, they have promoted safety throughout multiple teams while allowing fun and safety to work together.