Aegis outreach in Fall 2017

Aegis Robotics has been busy in the fall of 2017 as we work on the following exciting Outreach activities:

  • Providing student mentoring and support to Centreville Robotics' 7 FTC Teams

  • Safety training for Aegis Robotics team members, as well as the 75 FTC team members

  • STEM Appreciation Day in Centreville & Clifton communities on October 21

  • Mentoring FLL teams and STEM programs at Centreville Elementary

  • Building the FarmBot and installing it in the high school's greenhouse. The greenhouse is managed by our school's Special Education students. We are proud to partner with the Special Education program in this endeavor to build a functional robot that can be used by our school's Special Education students.

  • STEM/Maker Fair at Centreville High School on November 18th, 10 am - 1 pm. We are partnering with George Mason University's Center for Social Equity through Science Education to plan what we hope will become an annual event for our team!

  • Creating a parody video to enter in the FIRST Parody contest

Emma Holincheck
Planning and Communications Lead

Emma Holincheck