Team Goal

   Centreville Robotics aspires to spread STEM and FIRST throughout the community. The team takes pride in introducing students to STEM and encouraging them to pursue STEM related fields after graduation. The team works hard with the community throughout the year; establishing four FTC teams at Centreville High School, beginning an annual STEM appreciation day in the September of 2016 and creating several non-competitive FLL teams at a feeder elementary school.


Team Update

Centreville Robotics wrapped up the FIRST National Advocacy Conference alongside several other FIRST teams from across the US, on Tuesday evening, June 27th. The team is grateful to have participated and looks forward to taking part in years to come.

Centreville Robotics has been mentoring a FIRST Global team based in the Ukraine. They will be competing at the FIRST Global Competition, H2O FLOW, from July 16th to 18th. Our team members will be at the event, assisting and volunteering.

For more information regarding these events, follow us on our social media or feel free to email us at


APRIL 2016 Centreville Robotics attending the FIRST World Championship in Saint Louis, MO