Past Outreach



Our team has participated in the National Advocacy Conference since it's 4th year. We helped lobby for continued funding of the Title IV, Part A of the ESSA to help fund afterschool STEM programs.

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+ FIRST Global

Our team mentored Team Ukraine in FIRST Global's inaugural year as well as volunteered at the FIRST Global competition in DC and helped to develop a robot build guide so that all FIRST Global Teams would be able to build a robot they could compete with. In its second year, our team mentored Team Slovakia and helped FIRST Global HQ pack for this year's competition in Mexico City.

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In the fall of 2017, our team was able to launch project CREED due to the work of our mentor Oliver Small and our amazing principal. Project CREED is a 4 year STEM education plan starting with the STEM Engineering Course and progressing through STEM Robotics, STEM Electronics, and STEM Capstone & STEM Design. We're on schedule to launch the STEM Design and STEM Capstone classes by 2020 and are introducing STEM Robotics this upcoming 2018-2019 school year.


We partnered with STEM exCEL, to create a “Coach the Coach” workshop where we train parents to coach FLL and Jr. FLL teams and provide resources to coaches on ways to improve their teams through outreach, safety, business, and more.

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+ FarmBot

FarmBot is an agricultural CNC, developed by engineers in California, that independently plants, waters, and maintains crops. After watching our school’s greenhouse remain unused, we decided that a change was needed and took action by proposing the implementation of FarmBot. Our team has donated the fully constructed FarmBot to the Best Buddies program within our school’s Special Education department. This gives their students the opportunity to learn how to operate the Farmbot and use the greenhouse to plant and grow food.

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+ NASA Air & Scare

Our team ran a Halloween booth at NASA’s Air and Scare Day hosted at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, where we brought an FTC bot for kids and their families to practice driving. Learn More

+ T-shirt Shooter

We showed off a t-shirt shooter robot at Centreville High School's (our base school) rivalry game. The pressurized pneumatic cannon shot 8 t-shirts into the student section during halftime and helped show our fellow peers some of the skills our team has picked up from its involvement in FIRST.

+Coding Dojo

We collaborated with the owners of the coding school, Coding Dojo, where students are taught how to code for real-life situations. The volunteers showed the owners how Centreville Robotics through participating in FIRST FTC and FRC codes to solve real-world tasks with each new game challenge.

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+ STEM Appreciation Day

Our team went out into the community and knocked on a little more than 3,000 doors in the community to invite our friends, family, and neighbors to come experience and learn about STEM and our robotics program at our first annual STEM Maker Fair.

+ STEM Maker Fair

We partnered with George Mason University's Center for Science Education and held our first annual STEM Maker Fair. At our fair, we showcased our FIRST Teams through scrimmages and demonstrations, partnered with our team’s sponsors to help educate the community on their ongoing projects, and provided over forty interactive STEM booths with activities for all ages to over 600 visitors.

+ Code Cville

Code Cville is an interactive coding camp we host for kids to learn how to program their own games using programs like Scratch and App Inventor.

+FLL Teams

Centreville Robotics traveled to its feeder Centreville Elementary and taught the group of 2nd-6th graders through stations with topics such as simple machines- where each week a new simple machine would be introduced and the volunteers would have elementary schoolers build and test each new simple machine they learned- , building robots with Lego Mindstorm kits, and a free Lego build where kids could design and build their own structures out of legos. This past competition season our team mentored a competitive FLL team for the Hydrodynamics Challenge.

+ Middle School FTC

Our organization has been running, mentoring, funding, and fully supporting 2 FTC teams made up of Liberty Middle School students, lead by members of Centreville Robotics, and mentored by the members of 10414. Our mechanical and programming “expertise” is constantly lent to help teams 13447 & 13445 learn how to safely and effectively build and program a robot that they are proud of and can call their own.

+ Feminine Product Drive

Wanting to give back to other members of our community, our team hosts a continuing feminine hygiene drive that collects items that we then donate to our local women's shelter.

+ Liberty MS STEM Night

Our team brought both an FRC and FTC robot to our feeder Middle School's STEM Night to let the kids drive around. During this time, the team talked to kids aging 4-13 about robotics and FIRST, how math can be used in everyday life, and how it helps our team in our design, build, and programming process.


Our team has opened and maintained a makerspave with 3D printers, a CNC and a newly added metal lathe, all of which are open to the community.

+STEM Education Partnership

We are currently working with George Mason's Center for Social Equity through Science Education to spread FLL and FTC programs to schools in Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, Korea, and China.

+USA Science & Engineering Festival

Our team was invited to help our university sponsor, George Mason, run their row of booths at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in DC. It was amazing to meet so many fellow STEM enthusiasts and to see all the future engineers!


Our team was fortunate to be able to meet with VHSL representatives down in Charlottesville to discuss the inclusion of Robotics as recognized academic activity. Our students were able to show off our 2018 Power Up! Robot as well as talk a little bit about what FIRST as a program is and how robotics has effected our lives. It was an amazing opportunity for our team to get to talk about role FIRST has played in our lives and the importance of recognizing robotics as an academic activity in Virginia High Schools.

+STEM in 30

Our team was given the opportunity to be apart of the Smithsonian Channel's STEM in 30 episode about robotics. It was amazing to get to meet the entire cast and crew of STEM in 30 and hear about the other awesome people they’ve met through their work. We were able to share our FIRST experience and got to teach students from around the country about robotics. A month later, we were fortunate to return for a Q&A session and help answer student’s questions about FIRST and Robotics.

+Cub Scout Night

Our team was invited to Cub Scout Pack 1860’s STEM night to share some of our STEM activities as well as demonstrate one of our FTC robots. We had so much fun working with the kids, and as always, the van de graaf was a big hit!

+Girl Scouts STEM Badge Camp

Centreville Robotics held a Girl Scouts STEM Badge Camp where we helped over 50 Juniors & Brownies earn their designing, building, and programming robots badges. The girl's excitement over STEM was truly inspiring and we plan to continue working with our local troops in hopes of encouraging more female participation in STEM and Robotics.

+Boy Scouts Robotics Badge Camp

Our team hosted a Boy Scouts Robotics Badge Camp at Centreville High School. We had 24 attendees from around the Centreville/Chantilly area. Our student leaders taught the scouts about general safety, the Engineering Design Process, and basic Arduino programming. By the end of Sunday they were all able to successfully build and test a robot! All of our scouts walked away with a robotics merit badge and the knowledge of how to build a basic robot!


Our team is currently in the process of adopting a highway! We're working on cleaning up and maintaining the road that stretches from our school to our feeder middle school.